Hi there, my name is Nicole ✨ 

I help others bridge the mental and emotional gaps between professional to personal roles, so they can live with more clarity and purpose. Through mind, body, and soul integration practices, I guide others through the powerful journey of the inside out work. As a result, clients experience a clearer sense of self and use this transformative energy to create the life they are here to live both personally, and professionally.

△ Bachelor's in Psychology

Mastery Methods Coach Certified 

Holistic Life Coach Certified 

On paper you will find these qualifications, among others. However God graciously gifted me with the ability to create a safe container for others to explore within. My own yearning for truth and the desire to be of service, has led me to study and practice different ways this can be done. 

I encountered the coaching industry through a divine spiritual encounter, which is why part of my work includes deepening our spiritual connection with Creator. When my coaching journey started, I entered New Age spirituality as a means to understand the deep call that had awoken inside me. Although there was beauty in it, I started to feel like I was chasing spirituality. There was always a feeling that I had to meditate more, do more self healing practices, learn more mystic truths, have better trust in my self, etc. to deepen my sense of fulfillment. Through God's grace alone, I was saved by Jesus Christ and experienced a level of love and acceptance beyond understanding. I realized that the call I had experienced at the beginning of my journey was His Spirit calling me to my purpose. This love led me to shift the way I serve to serving Him and His Kingdom first to be better at helping others find the purpose He wrote deep into their hearts.  (Jeremiah 31:33-34)

Outside of my spiritual journey, I also went under several mentors and teachers that helped me break down a lot of unconscious patterns, break and create habits, create steady boundaries, and strengthen in discipline. With my accumulated knowledge and experience, I am able to meet people at the exact point that feels safe for them to start. We are all part of humankind, yet we are all unique; this is why non judgment and acceptance are key in the relationship I hold with my clients. ⁣

This inside out method, not only sets you up for success, but it also allows you to cultivate endless possibilities that shape out the way you live your life. I invite you to discover a deeper knowing that has always been within you, and learn to nourish this connection to be the main guide throughout your life. Operating from this level will bridge the separation and pressures you carry between your personal and professional life.  And in result create more opportunities, reinforce your health, and increase your wealth. 

Start with... what would my life look like if I had more insight of what drives my decisions and behaviors? ⁣

If this question ignites curiosity within you, and you are feeling a fire to find out more. Make the next step below toward the beginning of a lasting and sustainable transformation ⬇