One Who Serves...

This was a whisper that I received as I reflected on my purpose. This is the fire beneath this work. I am first a servant of God, and as a result value being of service for others. It is truly a gift to see others meet themselves at a deeper and more fulfilling level, then witnessing the impact it has in aspects of their lives and those around them. Below are some FREE content, connections, and services for the community. All in the power of Service.

Vision. Reflection. Clarity

This FREE workshop was designed to support others in stepping out of the demands of the world, and into the opportunities of a deeper calling. Through visualization and strategy, one finishes this workshop with clarity on the deeper purpose we all uniquely hold. Sign up to be on the list for the next one!

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MEvolve Meditations

Check out my youtube channel, for a few heart centered meditations. These will help you in experiencing more peace, freedom, and love. The one featured on this page is a beautiful visual meditation to support you in letting go, and getting FREE!

Quench Your Spirit 

Tune into Spiritual Milk, a podcast I co-host! This podcast is dedicated to cultivate an authentic experience with the Sustainer in all areas of our lives. We hope to inspire you to break from routines that keep you spiritually malnourished, and have a thirst to have a deeper relationship with our Heavenly Father. Make sure to follow us on IG @spiritualmilkpodcast .

Pretty Mental Features

Check out my features in the Pretty Mental Podcast! The Sinisterra sisters bring such a conscious space around experiencing life and the different ways that looks like for humanity.

I am featured in episode 66 (Navigating Your Truth) & 94 (Relationship Roundtable).